Everything you need to keep your two-wheeled best friend in pristine condition, just like the day you picked her up at the bike shop. And a sweet little discount to boot.

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    Bike Wash: One 8oz bottle of Hardcore Bike Wash makes 16 gallons of dirt kicking, luscious, foamy goodness. Super-Concentrated our already radical bike wash to give you more for your money, use less plastic waste, and ship less water (weight).

    Chain Butter Dry: One 4 oz bottle of the original, buttered popcorn scented, Chain Butter. Suited for dry riding climates. Hardcore's cutting edge lubrication technology is multi-viscosity, plates metal surfaces, shedding grit, and lowering surface friction. Chain Butter won't build-up that nasty, pasty, filthy, and greasy gunk like most lubes.

    Chain Butter All Weather: One 2 oz bottle, don't let it's small size fool you, a little goes a LONG way and lasts for up to 1000 miles! Chain Butter All-Weather is ideally suited for coastal climates. Our corrosion inhibiting formula naturally protects against rust. Space-age nano particles are added to further reduce friction in even the most extreme riding conditions.

    Chain & Gear: One 6 oz bottle of concentrate and a spray bottle for mixing with water. Makes 32 ounces of cleaner! Fast acting and superior to other degreasers, melting away petroleum/synthetic greases, asphalt, and grime with lightning speed. Chain & Gear Cleaner concentrate refill saves you money & a little piece of mother earth.

    Whip Wipe:  One 6 oz bottle of concentrate and a spray bottle for mixing with water. Makes 96 ounces of cleaner! Whether you ride on carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, bamboo, or titanium, Whip Wipe is safe and effective for quick cleanups of your favorite whip. Because Whip Wipe doesn't require rinsing, you can simply spray and wipe away dirt, grease, and grime

    Sweaxy: 4 oz (mini) bottle of Odor eliminating spray for all your difficult to launder gear. Spray areas and odors are erased in minutes.

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    Jamestown NY

    Starter Kit

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    I got the starter kit after I saw a few fellow cyclist using the products on Instagram so I figured I'd give it a try. Everything works really well and I'm thoroughly impressed with the products. I will definitely be reordering when I run low. Great stuff for keeping all my bikes clean and rollin right. BigUPS !!!

    A clean freak's heaven!

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    • price (worth it by far)
    This kit is incredible. I've never invested in a full bike cleaning kit and I now see the error of my ways. You literally get anything you could ever want with this!
    Have some smelly gear? Freshen it up with the Odor Eraser!
    Need that in-between clean? Whip wipe it up!
    Time for that deep clean? 1,2 punch it with the Uber Concentrate and Chain & Gear cleaner!
    Then it's time to choose your weapon. Dry lube? Wet lube? Doesn't matter. This kit has both and they're both that silky smooth chain butter.

    After going down this path, your bikes will thank you and you'll look and feel SO much faster.