Chain Butter is a completely different kind of lube. Our counterparts rely on traditional "oil" or "wax" to lubricate drivetrains. We threw out the book and transported to a different dimension. What we brought back was a water-based super lube. Try it, you'll see.

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    Chain Butter added to clean dry chain
    Chain Butter Being Silky Smooth

    Nothing kills your mojo on an epic ride like the sound of a squeaky and grinding chain

    or drive train. Hardcore Chain Butter makes chains glide through your gears effortlessly. 

    Chain Butter is suited for dry riding climates. Hardcore's cutting edge lubrication technology is multi-viscosity, plates metal surfaces, shedding grit, and lowering surface friction. Chain Butter won't build-up that nasty, pasty, filthy, and greasy gunk like most lubes. When the time comes to clean your ride, Chain Butter rinses off and makes reapplication a cinch. Chain Butter is formulated to protect your bike, the environment, and the ears of your riding buddies.

    For WET environments, please see Chain Butter All Weather

    How to Use:
    For Best Results- Using Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner, thoroughly clean your chain, cassette, crank, and anything else greasy and grimy. Use a brush, toothbrush, or that chain cleaning contraption to scrub the chain and drive train. Allow these parts to completely dry before lubing.

    Chain Butter How to
    How To


    2-- 3) While backpedaling crank, apply lube liberally to the inside of CLEAN, DRY chain. (when possible) Once coated, continue backpedaling to evenly distribute the Butter. 

    4)  Using a clean dry cloth, completely wipe excess lube from chain. Allow chain to rest (as long as possible) before riding.

    Hardcore Products are proudly made in Utah, USA

    Chain Butter Dry 4 oz, UPC 854810008097 SKU HDL0004

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    UPC 854810008097 SKU HDL0004


    5 out of 5:

    Corbin: The first time I really tested this lube was in a 100k race. During the race I had absolutely no problems with shifting or gear grinding. And by the end of the race my drivetrain was still dead silent. Hardcore chain butter is where it’s at.

    Jeff: This stuff works great. I ride in all conditions. Mostly dry but not always. I have to apply routinely but it’s a smooth ride. I hear people complain about having to apply chain lube often but that’s just maintenance. Haven’t used anything ever that didn’t need reapplication. Works great for my needs and would recommend to anyone. Good luck and happy riding!!!

    Anthony: Great product, was intrigued when I came across it just looking to try something new on the MTB, and this hit the spot. Easy to apply (not messy or greasy) smells great, and works amazing!

    Jesse: This stuff makes your chain quiet and silky smooth! Also as a MTB rider in Southern Utah I've been in some pretty dusty trails and my chain hasn't collected dust. I've loved it so far. I definitely recommend it!

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    I usually have to make popcorn after using this lube. Really smells like buttered popcorn.
    Works great smells great!

    The lube we needed but didn't deserve

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    • price
    • quality
    • durability
    • ? yeah right. This stuff rocks
    So after a thorough cleaning of my bike with the bike hardcore products, I was stoked to try this chain lube out. I'm currently running it on both my gravel bike and my road bike and the results have been astounding. I've tried a lot of chain lubes in the last while and found that for the dusty desert we live in here in Utah, I always end up needing to reapply chain lube every couple of rides for road or every 10 miles on the gravel. When I go to apply them, I always find that my chain is disgusting and then I end up just piling on more lube on top of filth. Not so with chain butter! Comparatively, my chain stays pretty clean in between applications and the chain butter has my drivetrains running SILENT compared to other brands. For road, I went well over 150 miles before re-applying my lube, but likely could have done another 150 before really needing to.

    If you're in need of a dry lube... this one is for you. Just be aware. You might not ever want another one if you do!


    It’s like buttah!

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    Love this lube. Perfect viscosity. Works great, doesn’t build up, and smells absolutely delish!


    No Gunk

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    Nothing I’ve tried prevents the build up of that black gritty gunk. Nothing even comes close. Smooths out the drivetrain and makes it super quiet. Probably not the best lube for wet conditions, but for dry conditions, nothing even comes close. When Hardcore comes out with their wet lube, I’ll be the first in line to pick some up.

    Grand Junction, CO

    The Lube of Lubes

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    • repels dust
    • quiet
    Best Dry Lube out there. Not sticky at all..