• Hardcore Chain Butter, All-Weather, 2 oz - HWL0002
  • Hardcore Chain Butter, All-Weather, 2 oz - HWL0002

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Chain Butter All-Weather is a revolution in "wet" condition bike chain lubes. It stays put longer and protects chains and drivetrain components better than traditional wet lubes. Ours is 100% bio-based, 100% biodegradable, and loaded with space-age nano particles for maximum friction reduction and corrosion resistance.

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    hardcore chain butter all-weather on chain
    Married man applying Chain Butter All-Weather bike chain lube

    Rain, Sleet, Snow, & Sun.. Bring them on!

    Real Hardcore cyclists ride no matter the weather. In rainy, snowy, or muddy conditions your chain takes a serious beating. With Hardcore Chain Butter All-Weather you can check that off you list of things to be worried about!

    Chain Butter All-Weather is a solid at room temperature (think bacon grease). Our "wet" lube stays put longer and protects better than anything you've tried.

    Chain Butter All-Weather is ideally suited for coastal climates. Our corrosion inhibiting formula naturally protects against rust. Space-age nano particles are added to further reduce friction in even the most extreme riding conditions.

    Chain Butter All-Weather is Perfect for fat bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, beach cruisers, mountain bikes, and even e-bikes. 

    Chain Butter All Weather is the most environmentally friendly formula. Our aim is to protect your bike, the environment, and the ears of your riding buddies. And as always, we make our products right here in the USA!

    For DRY environments, please Chain Butter Dry

    How to Use:  
    For Best Results- Using Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner, thoroughly clean your chain, cassette, crank, and anything else greasy and grimy. Use a brush, toothbrush, or that chain cleaning contraption to scrub the chain and drive train. Allow these parts to completely dry before lubing.

    Chain Butter All-Weather Instruction
    Chain Butter All-Weather Instruction

    Click this link for a Step-by-Step Instructions for Application: (also in Additional Information tab)
      Place bottle of lube in hot water (or otherwise warm location) until the butter completely melts and becomes liquid.

    2)  Chain should be clean, dry, and warm. If chain is cold, use a hair dryer to warm before applying lube.

    3) Shake Well.

    4) While backpedaling crank, apply lube liberally to the inside of lower chain. *Applying to an cold chain will limit the ability of the lube to penetrate before becoming solid. Use hair dryer to warm chain and lube as you go.

    5) Once coated, continue backpedaling running the chain between your fingers to evenly distribute the Butter. Allow the chain to rest until the Butter hardens.

    6)  Using a clean dry cloth, wipe excess lube from chain, chain ring, cassette, and derailleur.

    **It is normal for some hardened Chain Butter to flake off as you ride. That's why we made this product 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.**

    Hardcore Elephant and Chain Butter TM pending #90406552, #90570890

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

    Worth the Wait

    • Effective
    • Dirt Repellant
    • Chain Must Be Super Clean at Application
    I tried the original Chain Butter, and while it was awesome at providing a smooth and silent drivetrain, it wasn’t the best solution for wet or super humid environments. I waited patiently for the wet weather formula to come to market, and when it did, I ordered some right away. It did not disappoint, and after a twenty mile muddy ride on my go-to trail system, I was amazed at how well it held up, and how it didn’t seem to collect dirt and grime nearly as much as other lubes I’ve used. I’m super excited to see how it does long-term. And, I’m also pretty confident it will work just as well in dry environments, which will make it a great all conditions chain maintenance solution.

    Greenville South Carolina


    • Long Lasting
    • Smooth Quiet Shifts
    • Takes a little longer to apply
    Thought this might be a chore having to warm up the bottle before putting on etc.. Not the case. Took about 3 minutes longer than my dry chain lube to apply. Super quiet. Well worth a little extra effort!

    Santa Rosa

    Spot On

    This stuff is a little bit weird but so am I. Worked wonders in first ride in rain. Can't wait to try this summer to see if it's truly "all-weather."

    Dallas TX

    Great Job!

    • Repels dirt
    Don't know what this stuff is made of but it seems to stick to the chain without dirt sticking to it...

    Lake Placid, NY

    Works in snow

    • Long Lasting
    • Water Resistant
    Have been a hot waxer chain guy for years. Wasn't sure how this would compare. After using on my fat bike for riding in snow, I'm hooked. Can usually get 2-3 rides in between applications. Stuff stays for days!