The best of both worlds, Laundry detergent and Odor Erasing Spray. Wash your athletic gear with confidence that your technical clothing will stay safe while also getting truly clean. For your tough to clean gear, simply spray with the Odor Eraser. 
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    The OG Sweaxy Kit. Laundry Detergent and Odor Eliminating Spray. Our number one recommendation for your first Sweaxy purchase. 

    After using both products, your gear, clothes, shoes, and workout partner will thank you. And so will everyone around you because you will smell clean and fresh.  The products work together to clean and deodorize your clothes and gear and keep it clean.

    Sweaxy Laundry Detergent:

    -Plant Based

    -100% Renewable

    -Preservative & Sulfate Free

    -1,4 Dioxane Free


    -Hypoallergenic, very low irritation, safe on sensitive skin!

    -Powerful, Fights stains with ease, Dye Free

    - Highly Concentrated means you use less!

      1/2 ounce for small/regular loads, 1 ounce for heavy soils/larger loads

      Sweaxy Odor Eraser:

      -100% Renewable 

      -Preservative & Sulfate Free 


      -1,4 Dioxane Free 

      -Hypoallergenic, low to no irritation, safe on sensitive skin! 

      -Dye Free Ready to Use

      When you smell fresh, you feel better about yourself. After summiting a difficult climb, holding an advanced yoga pose, or finishing a race, the last thing you want is the reminder of how that hard work made you smell. Your memories should be of triumph and empowerment. Sweaxy products eliminate the shame that odors can bring and allow you to be proud of your hard work and dedication while protecting and keeping your technical clothing and gear in great shape.