Two bottles of your favorite Odor Eliminating Spray. Spray your hard to launder gear or clothing generously and the odors will literally be erased.
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    Having two bottles of Odor Eliminating Spray allows you to keep one in your car, trail pack, yoga bag, or wherever you find yourself on the go, and the other bottle can stay at home. 

    Never have an excuse for smelling less than fresh.

    Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, and of course you do NOT want to be remembered for your odor after a strenuous workout. 

    Sweaxy Odor Eliminating Spray provides an easy, fail proof solution to strong stubborn odors before you are able to launder your clothes, gear, and equipment. Simply spritz on the trouble spots or all over the item and be on your way. 

    Sweaxy Odor Eraser:

    • 100% Renewable
    • Preservative & Sulfate Free
    • Biodegradable
    • 1,4 Dioxane Free
    • Hypoallergenic, low to no irritation, safe on sensitive skin!
    • Dye Free
    • Ready to Use

    Let the memory of your workout be the triumph over a a killer ski run, a tough summit, or hitting that PR mile time, not the aroma that sometimes follows.