Hardcore Chain Butter, 4oz - Feral Catz MS
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Hardcore Chain Butter, 4oz - Feral Catz MS

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Support the fight to cure Multiple Sclerosis!
Team Feral Catz is an amateur cycling team, based in Utah, that wants to help beat Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The purpose of the team is to raise awareness and funds to help end MS, while also developing interest and talent in the sport and promoting healthy living in the community.
When you purchase Team Feral Catz Chain Butter 10% of the gross amount of your purchase goes to Bike MS & National MS Society!
If you'd like to help Team Feral Catz raise funds for 2019 Bike MS event, click here

About Hardcore Chain Butter:

Nothing kills your mojo on an epic ride like the sound of a squeaky and grinding chain or drive train. Hardcore Chain Butter makes chains glide through your gears effortlessly. Chain Butter is suited for most riding climates (dry-moist). Hardcore's cutting edge lubrication technology is multi-viscosity, plates metal surfaces, shedding grit, and lowering surface friction. Chain Butter wont build-up that nasty, pasty, filthy, and greasy gunk like most lubes. When the time comes to clean your ride, Chain Butter rinses off and makes reapplication a cinch. Chain Butter is formulated to protect your bike, the environment, and the ears of your riding buddies.

How to Use:
For Best Results:
Using Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner, thoroughly clean your chain, cassette, crank, and anything else greasy and grimy. Use a brush, toothbrush, or that chain cleaning contraption to scrub the chain and drive train. Allow these parts to completely dry before lubing.

SHAKE BOTTLE! While backpedaling crank, apply lube liberally to the inside of the chain. Once coated, continue backpedaling to evenly distribute the Butter. Then, using a clean dry cloth completely wipe excess lube from chain. Allow chain to rest (as long as possible) before riding.

Hardcore Products are proudly made in Utah, USA