Bike Wash Chemical Concentrate Environmentally Friendly
Hardcore Bike Wash, Uber-Concentrate (100x), 8oz
Hardcore Bike Wash, Uber-Concentrate (100x), 8oz

Hardcore Bike Wash, Uber-Concentrate (100x), 8oz

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Now More Concentrated

Bike Wash (Now 100X Concentrate)

As part of our ongoing quest to reduce the amount of H2O we ship, Bike Wash is next up to bat. We've Super-Concentrated our already radical bike wash to give you more for your money, use less plastic waste, and ship less water (weight). We can't do it alone, but we're certainly trying to do our part to conserve resources and better our planet.

Your baby needs a bath! Every fool knows a clean bike goes faster and jumps higher. Bath time for your ride can be a pain in the a**, or a real pleasure. When you tap the power of Hardcore Bike Wash Concentrate, it’s like unleashing thousands of tiny, foamy work horses. Hardcore makes this otherwise tedious task a breeze. Powerful enough to remove the hero dirt and road grime, but gentle enough not to harm your paint, carbon fiber, or alloy metals. Hardcore Bike Wash is formulated with luster enhancers to produce a deep, rich look when it’s all said and done. Hardcore Bike Wash is water-based, biodegradable, and safe for waterways and plant life.

We know you don't have time to run to the kitchen for Mom's measuring cups so we built one right into the bottle! Yer Mum thanks ya.

Mom's pot and pan soap is better for gettin scrambie eggs off the cookware. Break out the real deal when it comes to your two-wheeled mistress. One 8oz bottle of Hardcore Bike Wash makes 16 gallons of dirt kicking, luscious, foamy goodness. Why you may ask? Because when you buy Hardcore, you’re buying less water and more of the good stuff that doesre concentrated Bike Wash is easily diluted using your own water (which costs you next to nothing).

How To Use:
For Best Results:
Pre-clean extra greasy bits with Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner prior to washing. Spray bike with water to remove loose dirt and sand.

Pour 1 oz of Bike Wash concentrate into a bucket and add 1 gallon of water. Using a sponge, mitt, or brush, gently massage away dirt and grime. Use a toothbrush style brush or similar on components and small parts. Rinse with clean water, then dry and buff with clean cloth for a blinding shine.

Hardcore Products are proudly made in Utah, USA