About Us

Bike Hardcore was conceived like a high school prom encounter. Just some bicycle junkies from the cleaning chemical industry that needed to clean and maintain their own bikes. After using about every product on the market, they experimented with some experimental products that would help get the job done and not cost a fortune. The result was some really cutting-edge stuff. Their bikes had never been so shiny. The 800 lb gorilla was a bike chain lube. The problem with existing oil based lubes (wet) was that dirt seemed to cling to them like a magnet. On the other hand, the dry lubes (wax, silicone, PTFE) either didn't stay put and quickly wore off or didn't really reduce friction enough to be worth the bottle they were sold in. Plus, some of them are down right nasty to work with. After 2 years of testing and aborting dozens of prototype products, Chain Butter was birthed. This truly unique chain lube is actually water based and contains other magical properties. The result is a multi-viscosity (changes thickness) lube that doesn't attract excess dirt, reduces friction, and cleans up easily. Not only does Chain Butter make chains silently glide through the gears, it usually lasts several rides. From a one-step bike cleaner (Whip Wipe), a foamy bucket wash (Bike Wash), to a heavy-duty water based degreaser (Chain & Gear Cleaner), Hardcore makes bike cleaning a breeze. Throw some Chain Butter on there when you're done and you're ready to shred brown powder or crank miles of asphalt.

Bottom Line: Bike maintenance can be a drag. You'd like to hop on your trusty steed and ride at a moment's notice. Hardcore has taken the chore of bike maintenance and made it not quite so painful. Bike Hardcore can't give you a pay raise or win the next election but you won't care cuz you'll look sick on your clean bike!Riding bikes with bike hardcore

Please email us at bikehardcore@hardcoreclean.com

Phone- (801) 815-8769