BLACK FRIDAY! Free Chain & Gear Cleaner with your Whip Wipe! 

Clean and Degrease easily with the dynamic duo of Chain & Gear cleaner and Whip Wipe. Get both NOW for this limited time deal!

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    Wipe Your Whip

    Road Bikes love Whip Wipe
    Road Bikes love Whip Wipe

    This sweet-smelling, simple, and powerful no-rinse bike cleaner. Whether you ride on carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, bamboo, or titanium, Whip Wipe is safe and effective for quick cleanups of your favorite whip. Because Whip Wipe doesn't require rinsing, you can simply spray and wipe away dirt, grease, and grime. Whip Wipe is for those times when you need to pull up the the start line looking like a million pesos, but don't have enough time for a bike bath (using Hardcore Bike Wash of course). Our top secret mission at Bike Hardcore is to make caring for your bikes take as little time as possible, so you can spend more time riding.

    Keep it Clean out there

    Chain & Gear Cleaner

    Your bike likes to get dirty as much as you do. But that same dirt can wreak havoc on your bike’s moving parts and precision components. The grease and filth on your bike’s many surfaces trap dirt and make for a messy cleanup. Hardcore Chain & Gear Cleaner slays that grease and grit with lightning speed. Hardcore melts away petroleum/synthetic greases, asphalt, and grime. Our 6 ounce Concentrate Refill is actually 32 ounces of intense degreasing magic! Because we deliver just the real-deal ingredients, not the extra water, you reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint. The biggest benefit..? Saves you money!

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